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CNC OPERATOR Laser / Plasma - 2 employees

Required knowledge and qualifications:
Special education:
a) degree ... SSS
b) school ...... General or technical (mechanical engineering, economics ....)
c) direction ...... metallic (advantage)
- Work experience .... YES
- Special knowledge ...... Knowledge of materials, knowledge of technological manufacturing process, knowledge of software for controlling CNC machines.
- Trial run ... YES

Job description and job requirements:
- Performs cutting operations according to the work order
- Delivers cutting material
- Shipments of finished workpieces to the shipping shelf / pallet
- He is responsible for the accuracy of the type and quality of processing materials
- Responsible for the accuracy of machining measures (technical drawing)
- Obliges to label finished products (dimension, quality, customer)
- It is obliged to record the realized work orders (processing time, date of realization, number of inputs of raw materials, etc.)
- Undertakes to maintain the CNC laser / plasma cutter according to the prescribed maintenance plan
- Undertakes to maintain daily cleanliness of the workplace (cleaning and removal of slag / cutting by-products)
- Performs other tasks as ordered by the immediate supervisor

Candidates are required to submit the application with a biography (CV) and other documentation in person to the headquarters of the company “SARAČEVIĆ” d.o.o. Tešanj to the address: Business Zone “Villa” No. 1 or scanned documentation via e-mail address:,

In case of employment, it is obligatory to enclose:
- Medical certificates

The ad is open until the vacancy is filled. Eligible candidates will be invited for an interview, each of which will be individually informed by the employer.

Tešanj, August 24, 2021

Enes Omahić, B.Sc.